Jennifer & Edgar Lopez


Edgar and Jennifer met in 2013 while she was living in Guatemala as a missionary. In February 2015, they were married. After nearly 3 years as a missionary in Guatemala, Jennifer has returned to the US in June 2016 so she could work in order to pay for Edgar’s immigrant visa. The plan is for them to spend several years in the States to work in order to save up to buy land and build a house in Guatemala. They would also like to start their family during their time stateside.

Jennifer is working as a server at a near by restaurant until January 2017 then will return to Guatemala until Edgar is approved. In addition to working, she has been soaking up all that God is teaching her during this season. She has been blessed with an amazing community as well. It has be very refreshing Spiritually as well as emotionally and has been a great time to really refresh after so many years on the mission field.

Edgar is in Guatemala currently working, taking care of the house and their chickens. He has been dabbling in different jobs but they are praying for a more steady job. He has been able to spend a lot of time with his family as well which has been very good for them all.

Being apart is extremely difficult for them both. Please be praying for them during this time apart. Also, that the visa process will go fast. It can take up to a year but they are believing all is possible through God!

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